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1. Define the targets

Every factory must have a thing. Do you need to enhance your company's hiring procedures? Do you want to educate directors how to be better organizers? Do you need to do some team assembling with a recently formed team?

Numerous workshops are a waste of time because there is no clear thing kept at the center of the discussion. Without this clear thing, there is really no point in getting people together.

2. Decide Who Will Attend

Knowing who'll attend directly relates to your ideal. For illustration, if your factory's thing is to develop a detailed result to a problem, also you presumably want 10 or smaller crucialattendees.However, also you might be happy with a much larger group, which divides into lower groups for discussion, If your thing is centered on education.

3. Produce an Docket

Now that you know your primary ideal and who'll attend, you can start to develop an figure of how you will achieve the factory's thing.

Main points:

Produce a list of main points to bandy, and also break down each larger point into details that you want to communicate to your followership.

Visual aids:

List the visual aids, if any, you will use for eachpoint.However, this helps the people furnishing it to determine where they need to concentrate their sweats, If you need specialized support.

Conversations and conditioning:

Take time to list exactly which group conversations and conditioning you will have at which point in the factory. How important time will you allow for each exercise? Make sure your conditioning are applicable for the size of the group, and insure that your venue has the coffers (for illustration, forum apartments) demanded to run sessions.

We Provide Workshops on

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence displayed by machines, and it's often used to improve and automate software processes. Perhaps the most well-known AI is SIRI, Apple's Speech Recognition software.However, AI has now become a mainstream technology that many people and companies use on a daily basis.

Artificial Intelligence

AI Workshop includes basic knowledge on:


-->Qualitative & Quantitative Data
-->Measures of Central Tendency(mean, median &mode)
-->Measures of Dispersion(variance,Standard Deviation & Variance)
-->Data Exploration(histograms, barplot, boxplot, scatterplot)


-->Basic syntax
-->Basic Data types
-->Python Standard Libraries(Numpy,Scipy,Pandas)

Machine Learning

-->What is Machine Learning?
-->Why it is used or needed?
-->Types of Machine Learning:
--> Supervised Learning
--> Unsupervised Learning
--> Reinforcement Learning
-->Applications of Machine Learning
-->Future vision of Machine Learning

Deep Learning

-->What is Deep Learning?
-->Why Deep Learning is used or needed?
-->Applications of Deep Learning

Computer Vision

Assignments Based on AI

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